The Faces of Pontiac’s Future Workforce – Pontiac Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Pontiac Regional Chamber is in the News!  Check out our dBusiness article on Pontiac READS!.


excerpt here: via dBusiness

The Pontiac Regional Chamber formed the Pontiac United Education Coalition with a powerful vision to enhance the community’s real estate values by increasing the prosperity of all Pontiac residents.

The Coalition is a novel cross-sector approach and is comprised of business, non-profit, community and school leaders who focus on improving education and workforce development across the city.

Towards this effort the Coalition just launched Pontiac READS!, a local chapter of the national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, to champion the goal of every Pontiac child reading at or beyond their grade level.

This work is supported by the “Pontiac Angels,” a group of Pontiac advocates who uplift literacy education opportunities for the children of the city. Pontiac Angel leaders Tanya Christ, Ph.D., from Oakland University and Early Literacy Consultant Ashelin Currie, Ph.D., from Oakland Schools, join with Center for Success CEO Andrea Meyer to guide the work of Pontiac READS!


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