Chamber Volunteers

Judith Cox

Chief Executive Officer,

Mindfulness Institute of Michigan

Judith, as the CEO of MIMI and a visionary, is committed to encouraging and providing for the well-BEING of humanity. She moves intentionally, skillfully and playfully in the brilliant act of disappearing what doesn’t work to cause the performance and accomplishments one desires. Interacting with Judith leads to discovery, intention and achievement in expanded awareness and realized personal capacities. She is a psychotherapist practicing mindfulness for over 20 years. She is also a Board Certified Coach with specialty designations as: Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coach, Health/Wellness Coach, and Personal/Life Coach from the Center for Credentialing & Education, Inc. Her life lived full-out is a gift to others fulfilling their potential.

Shanell Weatherspoon


Essential Recycling, LLC

Shanell Weatherspoon the Founder of Essential Recycling, LLC, a recycling and sustainability company specializing in providing Recycling Services for the Commercial Real-estate, HVAC, Healthcare, and Manufacturing Industries.  Having Started Essential Recycling in 2008 with her husband, Shanell expanded her role with the company in 2019 to include oversite of operations, after leaving an accomplished 20+ Year Career in Human Resources.  Shanell is a talented Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Executive, and Leadership Coach. With over two decades of experience, Shanell has helped ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders do work they love and be remarkable at it. Fueled by a passion for sustainability, environmental equality, and leadership & talent development, she is using her wealth of knowledge, diverse background, and business acumen to make a difference for her community. Through her work at Essential Recycling, Shanell and her husband are expanding recycling access and utilization, as well as working to build a strong circular economy in SE Michigan.  Shanell has brought her expertise in HR, Marketing, and Operations to the Pontiac Regional Chamber of Commerce and is working with its board to grow, evolve, and sustain the 119-year-old organization for Future Generations.  Shanell prides herself on her ability to break down barriers and build collaborative relationships. She is a strategic thinker and visionary, that can look beyond the status quo, to see the potential in people and organizations. Shanell is also a former elected official, having served on the Pontiac Public Library Board, and is a Founding Board Member for the Pontiac United Education Coalition.  She also serves on several additional boards, and committees.  Shanell lives in Oakland County, and she and her husband are the proud parents of 3 children.